Les Cubes x Scenario8

During the whole month of September, enjoy seeing the DAB Motors Concept-E RS Burberry, the beautiful accessories of Royal Racer Lausanne, a RGNT Scrambler generation 1.5 and a RGNT Classic generation 1.0 in the Cubes, Flon, Lausanne!

More information will follow on the testing of these high-end bikes. A unique opportunity to meet representatives and experience the future of mobility. Make sure you are informed about the next tests and events in the Lausanne area? Subscribe to our newsletter!

Upon the success of the CONCEPT-E, the first electric prototype of DAB Motors, released in July 2021, DAB decided to create the Concept-E RS, a limited series of Concept-E replicas. Sneak peak at one of the few ever produced.

Active in Switzerland since 2021, RGNT is now introducing its new Sport Extended Models. In Lausanne currently: the Scrambler generation 1.5 and the Classic generation 1.0!

With excellent quality accessories and clothing, the Royal Racer Lausanne, Rue de Mercerie 9, will be delighted to welcome you and present its unique line of products in Switzerland.

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