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“ Everyone deserves not just to survive, but to live”

— Steve McQueen

Freedom would certainly stand at the top of the list if you’d ask about Scenario8’s core values. Riding a motorcycle is what comes closest to feeling totally free – and we want as many people as possible to experience this wonderful sensation.

In a time when many assumptions are being questioned, when the fear of viruses and health issues hinders us to live our lives as we used to, the freedom topic couldn’t be more relevant. The control one experiences whilst riding motorcycles never fails to uplift spirits.

At Scenario8, we also believe that the key to sustainable business relationships depends on transparency, correctness, and quality service. We are building a business made to last and believe that continuously improving the way we work will lead us to reach our goals.

Founding a company in the midst of a global pandemic challenged the way we though. The necessity to adapt taught us important lessons, that we certainly will continue applying in the long run. We are driven by passion, and riding motorcycles always reminds us why we started.

Scenario8 is particularly proud to be working closely with representatives within and outside of Switzerland. We are able, thanks to our network of dealers, to serve motorcycle enthusiasts not only as clients, but as friends. We fully trust the professionalism and technical skills of our partners.

Thanks to a close collaboration with our suppliers and partners, we are able to deliver customized solutions that simplify processes for dealers, brands and end-consumers. Improving lead-times, cost efficiency and responsiveness has been at the centre of our efforts since 2020.

Scenario8 is open for ideas, partnerships and projects. Get in touch with us if you think we’d make a great team!

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Managing Team

Damien Bächli

Founder, Motorcycle Passionate & Enthusiast

Damien caught the motorcycle virus early on in his life by tackling the magnificent curves of the vineyard paths in the canton of Valais, where he grew up. After having accomplished his military service in 2016, he embarked on an eastern Switzerland journey, back to his Swiss-German origins. He founded Scenario8 during his studies at the University of St. Gallen, which he finished in 2020.

His bike of choice: the RGNT Scrambler "Anton Edition"
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Milan Siry

Fresh blood, Incredibly nice guy

Milan joined Scenario8 in 2021 as a partner. Originating from Geneva, he is currently in his Master’s in accounting and finance at the University of St. Gallen. Milan’s strong suit is conscientious defining and structuring of efficient processes. Formed as a soldier in the military special forces, he knows what hard work means and applies his willpower to projects within Scenario8.

His bike of choice: RGNT Classic SEL
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Fresh blood, Incredibly nice guy
Marketing and product management

Artem was born with a natural affinity and passion towards the visual arts and aesthetics. Over the years he found his medium in photography. Throughout his education and experiences, he became a visual storyteller, who understands the principles of marketing and successfully transmits impactful messages to the audience through his work. At Scenario8, Artem strives to create visual experiences and offering his consult on Marketing and Product Management topics.

His bike of choice: the Bluroc Spirit 125
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Fresh blood, Incredibly nice guy
Web developer and consultant

Yury started to work as a freelancer for Scenario8 in 2021. In his work, he strives to provide the most simple yet effective solutions. He works with Scenario8 remotely from European part of Russia.

His bike of choice: the Bluroc Hero 250
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Our team works
like a well-tuned mechanism

We are fans of what we do. We pay tribute to the traditions of the motorcycle industry. Our focus is coordinated on the satisfaction of our customers and business partners

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